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A workshop open to all, from beginner to professional

The phrase goes “to have your head in the clouds,” but this workshop promises to take your body there. Moving, changing, joining or separating, participants’ bodies will be like clouds, the gaseous sate of water, a unique and essential element for life on earth, and which we can find in both liquid and solid states.

This workshop is open to all, from the person having never set foot on a dance floor to the professional who practices, lives, and expresses themself as a dancer – everyone is welcome.

In a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, the workshop will progress in three stages:

-A long warm-up, based on Eastern body techniques (Shiatsu, Taiso, and yoga) and techniques originating from contemporary dance, to wake up the bodies of participants and sharpen their sensory perceptions.

-An exploration, individual or in groups, of a specific state of body, by means of the imagined or the lived.

-A period of improvisation over background music, led by Anan Atoyama where each person will experience his or her sensitivity to space, rhythm, gravity, and others.

Six workshops will take place this year. All that is required is to be a member of the association in order to participate free-of-charge.

The workshops currently planned will take place from 10:00 to 12:30 on Saturdays, according to the dates indicated under the “representations” tab opposite this page.

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20 janvier 2016
Studio Carmagnole, Vaulx en Velin

10 février 2016
Studio Carmagnole, Vaulx en Velin

23 mars 2016
Studio Carmagnole, Vaulx en Velin

06 avril 2016
Studio Carmagnole, Vaulx en Velin

18 mai 2016
Studio Carmagnole, Vaulx en Velin

22 juin 2016
Studio Carmagnole, Vaulx en Velin

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